About Digital Accessibility

Accessible technology is a university-wide effort. We encourage you to learn more about the ICT Accessibility Program, the policies and procedures to which the university adheres, and the "what" and "why" of accessibility. 

Policies and Standards

University policies, legal standards, and technical specifications that guide the ICT Accessibility Program.

Policies & Standards

What Is Accessibility?

What it means for content to be accessible, the difference between accessibility and accommodations, and the guiding principles of accessible technology.

What is Accessibility?

Understanding Disability

Accessibility is making services accessible to those with disabilities. Learn about different types of disabilities, and common accessibility techniques to remove barriers for those disabilities.

Understanding Disability

Benefits of Accessibility

Why care about accessibility? More than just fulfilling a legal obligation, accessibility is deeply engrained in UO values, and improves the experience of everyone at the university. Here are some ways accessible technology helps everyone, including you.

Benefits of Accessibility