Providing accessible digital content at the University of Oregon is important to creating a campus experience in which everyone feels they belong and can be successful
UO President Karl Scholz (Around the O)

"Digital accessibility" refers to designing digital content so that it can be fully used by people with disabilities. "Digital content" includes anything used or viewed on a computer or mobile device, such as...

  • Web pages
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • PDFs
  • Canvas courses
  • Streaming videos
  • Email
  • Software and mobile apps
  • and much more

Everyone at the University of Oregon who creates, edits, or distributes digital content is responsible for ensuring that it is accessible to people with disabilities. Digital accessibility is an ethical imperative, a University Policy requirement, and a federal legal obligation.

This site provides resources to help university employees create and maintain accessible digital content and services. If you have questions or need to consult with an expert, email the Digital Accessibility Architect.


We've launched our new Digital Content Accessibility Training and Web Accessibility Training! If you create or edit digital content of any kind, these trainings are the best way to learn about digital accessibility and what you need to do.

Accessibility Trainings


Our accessibility requirements extend to the third-party products and services we procure. If you're involved in any type of procurement, learn how accessibility is integrated into purchasing and contracting, and what you need to do.

Accessible Procurement

The Facts on Disability

Disabilities are more common than many people realize. Check out our Disabilities Data page for details.

of incoming 2023 UO undergrads reported having a disability or being neurodivergent
of Oregon adults have a disability
of U.S. adults have a disability (71 million people)
of U.S. adults are blind or have low vision (12.5 million people)
of U.S. adults are deaf or hard of hearing (16 million people)


If you have a disability and need assistance or accommodations, please contact the appropriate unit listed below.

Student Accommodations

If you are a student and need assistance or accommodations for a class or other on-campus service, the Accessible Education Center is there to help!

AEC "Getting Started" Guide

Employee Accommodations

If you are an employee and need assistance or accommodations to do your job, contact the Human Resources Accommodations Coordinator.

Disability Accommodation Process

Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or email ictaccess@uoregon.edu and we will be glad to work with you.