The University of Oregon is committed to accessibility.

This site is a resource to help faculty, staff, and students create and maintain accessible digital content and services, including as websites and web applications. It explains what accessibility is and your role in cultivating an accessible digital ecosystem and provides resources and references on how to create accessible content.

Don't Know Where To Begin?

If you're new to accessible technology and are unsure where to start, the one page accessibility primer provides a high-level overview of digital accessibility at UO, and the first steps to take in making your digital resources accessible.


Accessibility One-Page Overview

Digital Accessibility @ UO

Accessible technology is inextricably linked to the university's mission to promote diversity and inclusion. Learn about the legal and technical accessibility standards that we follow, the ways technology can be an equalizer and a barrier to people with different types of disabilities, and why accessible technology benefits the entire UO community.

Digital Accessibility @ UO

References & Guidelines

This website provides an extensive set of documentation on the most common accessibility barriers, and techniques to make your content and services more accessible. Everyone plays a part in maintaining an accessible digital presence.  The documentation is broken up by role, so you can review the material that is most relevant to you.

Accessible Technology Guidelines

Tools & Self-Assessments

If you already have a baseline understanding of our accessibility guidelines, here are the tools and checklists you can use to verify accessibility of your content and service. 


Tools & Self-Evaluation


Our commitment to accessibility extends to the services and content we procure from third-party vendors. Learn about how to make sure the services you purchase meet our accessibility standards, the questions to ask vendors during the procurement process, and what to do if you need help evaluating the accessibility of a tentative acquisition. If you need to follow through with the procurement of an inaccessible product or service, we can help make sure appropriate accommodations are in place. 

Accessible Procurement


You're not in this alone. If you have questions, the University's Digital Accessibility Architect is here to help! They can provide one-on-one consultation, meet with groups, provide feedback on contracts and procurement, and help evaluate content.


Professional Services


The Facts on Disability

Disability is more common than many people realize. People with one or more disabilities are a large and diverse demographic, and include both students and employees at UO. Proactively ensuring your technology is accessible will improve recruitment and retention of people with disabilities, and allow them to succeed in their role at the university.

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People in America with some form of disability
People with limited vision
People with limited hearing
People with difficulty lifting or grasping


Better Together

We work in close collaboration with other departments to provide a consistent, streamlined approach to accessible technology. If you don't find what you need here, there may be other resources on-campus who can assist.

Accessible Education Center

If you are a student and need assistance with accommodations for a class or other on-campus service, the AEC is here to help.

Accessible Education Center


UO Libraries

University librarians are experts in helping you find the academic and research materials you need, in a format that works for you.

University Library


Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or Email ictaccess@uoregon.edu and we will be glad to work with you.